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Building an online Business, April 7, 2017

Eric Bigham FCCA a London based Management Consultant is the founder and CEO of the Bigham Group. He is a corporate finance strategist having led a considerable number of consulting projects including organisation design, business turnaround, acceleration and transformation at director level for organisations that include names like Accenture, Deutsche Bank Global Markets, Barclays Wealth, Lloyds TSB and several Private Equity funded high growth start ups. He has had several white papers published and given international key note talks on Global Banking Risk and Regulation and is currently working on the development of a Fintech marketplace startup.

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HARDLINE The New Album, July 26, 2017

Mr Bigham combines more than two decades of valuable experience working within leading Banking, Consulting and Accountancy organisations with his passion for data science and technology to bring insights and value to his clients. From development and implementation of Group Consolidation and Forecasting Models with Enterprise Performance Management systems to designing Treasury Trading and Risk Management Systems for Private Equity and Hedge Fund Investors.

In his international Key Note talks and published articles, Mr Bigham addressed the causal relationship between inept banking products and the Global Financial Crisis and how the Basel accord Capital Adequacy Regulations served to hinder rather than repair a broken financial system. A reality we are witnessing today with FinTech challengers scrambling to repair the damage to a tarnished banking industry reputation.

When Mr Bigham is not working in an advisory capacity he runs a number of private entrepreneurial projects of his own, from hosting Private Equity Research portals to more recently launching a Social Network Marketplace. He loves taking an unconventional approach that integrates research and data science with his sophisticated proprietary models that have produced extraordinary results for his clients. Please send all business enquiries by email to eric@bighamconsulting.co.uk

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Eric Bigham FCCA Key Note Speaker

Thank you for your interest. Hiring Eric Bigham for your next event is a smart choice.

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